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You can hop off after that in on the approach. Recently renovated theatre offers plays in Finnish. After that either ride or amble back to the center for a total of 8km trip or abide the bus number 7 back to the center. Buses operate quite commonly from Never Grow Aged, Hallituskatu 17, [13]. All through the summer months, advance down to the bazaar and have some fried vendace muikku or salmon in one of the stands there. A close play ground and buffet, organic and locally bent food, souvenirs and handcraft.

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Club upstairs attracts younger client and exchange students. Health farm hotel on Nallikari coast, a few kilometers 3. Open every second weekend or so. Their bucolic café on the foundations of the 'castle', Linnankahvila open daily in the summer, is well appeal the visit however. Four different rooms with altered styles: Best place designed for smaller live music acts in city: Timetable after that information from Matkahuolto [25] Onnibus [26] offers low-cost long distance coach lines to Oulu from altered cities of Finland. Barely a limited number of Saver tickets are accessible and no discounts are offered for them. Acquire around[ edit ] Broadcast transportation is operated as a result of Koskilinjat [27].

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